Religions summary

Religions summary, these are just a few of the many varied religions:

Cult of Bodak – Bodak was the son of Ralek, the sky god. He was the first emporer and man/god of the people of the Akmon valley. Presently the king (Akhmet) is worshiped as a descendant of Bodak as part man part god.
However, other cults of Bodak still worship Bodak specifically.. believing that his power was not reborn into his sons, but that he himself would be reborn to lead his people to some new glory.

Cult of Isist – Another religion of the Akmon valley. Less is known about the origins, however Isist seems to be a benevolent goddess of beauty and fertility. Her followers occupy a temple south of Akmon. They are all sworn virgins, the most qualified among them is secretly chosen as the Avatar of Isist. For all purposes she is ‘Isist’ and is worshiped as a vessel of her kind spirit.

Braegan – Human (northern lands) god of bards and song. It is unclear whether Braegan was a man at one time, but most Bards of the north and central realms are taught their art by learning and repeating the tales of his deeds. As such he is a legend among such folks and his stories equally legendary. It is good luck for a bard to invoke Braegan.

Oltorim – “The sleeping giant”. This is a legendary massive mountain in the south (originally believed to be on the northern continent but this was incorrect). According to the dwarves the mountain gave birth to their race, under ground a long time ago. They treat the mountain like a living thing. Although Oltorim isn’t a particularly ‘active’ god’ (Mountains make their moves very slowly :) ), the dwarves consider that worship of the mountain imbues them with its strength, propensity for life and toughness. So Oltorim actually acts more through is followers bravery and deeds.

Tyr – “The hearth of day”. Tyr is worshiped far and wide in the southern realms from Akmon, to Hdathem to the edges near the White Coast. Tyr is the sun. Some believe him to be an older form of Ralek. Whatever he is, he is both benevolent at times and relentlessly brutal at others. He has the power to bring life as well as burn it to ash. Followers of Tyr are often of three types.. rural agricultural communities that must track the sun to plan their crops, or nomads who must cross the deserts with his mercy.
Other followers are from societies which have advanced around some of these more primitive lifestyles.. where Tyr has come to represent ‘Law’. As such, these followers can be extremely Zealous when bringing Tyr’s justice to bear.

Belphagor – A long time ago the Lord of Hate rend a massive hole in the land. Known as ‘The Scar’, it was here that he came to dwell in the time before men. In the lowest pits and pools he found great worms, already corrupted and began to shape them to his will. Among these, the first and greatest was Belphagor the dragon god. This first dragon was the battlefield commander of the host of The Scar. Long since slain by the dwarves, he is still worshipped by those seeking easy access to power. They believe that he can somehow be restored and that his power still lives on.

Malik – The lord of hate. As his title would imply, is the sphere of negative emotion. He embodies crimes or acts which are intentionally cruel. Rape, murder, and war are often attributed to this god. Ancient texts leave his physical or corporeal form unclear but it is believed he may have appeared as an elf of very high stature, as he first appeared before humans were known to wander the world.

His followers include the Dark elves, Orc Kind and originally the dragons. However many of the dragons have gone rogue since his disappearance and mostly attend their own particular needs.

Religions summary

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