Orc Kind


Purebred Orc – These are the archetypal Orcs. The orc tribes were once mostly unified under the armies of Belphagor. In time since, they have dispersed. There is fighting between many tribes and different bands or hosts vary in size depending on locale. The orcs have also increased in diversity. Further south, many of the orc breeds have grown smaller. As a rule, the larger, deadlier breed of orcs seem to possess an increasing sensitivity to light, similar to that of the dark elves.


The smallest and most widely distributed of orc breeds. Goblins multiply rapidly, they are sometimes more intelligent than their larger cousins but they lack a sensitivity to light. As such they can travel in daylight unhindered.


The more southern variant of Goblins. These orcs inhabit the southern continent.. largely in place of goblins. They are generally more technologically advanced and slightly larger and more intelligent than ordinary northern goblins. They are however, mildly light sensitive and have difficulty moving about and seeing in the day.


Though goblins are often confused for ‘orcs’ true orcs are much larger, slightly heavier set then men and stand on average well over 5’ in height. They are light sensitive and tend to remain close to ancient lairs where they will not have to travel far in the light.

Great Orcs

Few things are more fearsome than a band of Great Orcs. Over 6 feet in height and all brawn and cruelty, they are the elite forces of Malik. They can sometimes be found leading bands of smaller orcs, but are rarely encountered outside of their lairs. They are extremely light sensitive and thus their numbers and range are very low comparitive to other orc kin. They will not willingly set foot into daylight.

Half Orcs

Though no one would suspect, the merger of man and orc produces an offspring larger and stronger than both. These orcs possess a lighter skin usually closer to their human forebears, but are much larger than both orc or man. Feared by both orc and human, as they have no weakness to light and are more formidable than all other orcs except the Great Orc. Because of this, they are extremely rare and usually the result of a purposeful union brought about under the command of a Dragon or other similarly powerful lord.


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