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The World of Sonnegard

Many names of Sonnegard

high elven – Telar
common – Sonnegard
dwarven – Kalabeth
wood elf – Mara
Old Elf – Aiur

Sonnegard, the name in common, given by the Northmen to this brutal world. Set against a late pleistocene era, humans must contend with the likes of giant sloth and dire cave hyena. This is a low-tech, bronze world. Only some of the tribes of men in the north have the knowledge of iron and a few are close to the elven secret of steel.

The elves are in decline, their former civilizations a shadow of what they were. Torn apart by civil war, their once mighty kingdoms have secluded themselves. The elves known to man are those ‘lost ones’ who have scattered the globe and become feral savages.

There are no hobbits or gnomes in Sonnegard, for they would be eaten by the vicious prehistoric badgers. Dwarves are a more frequent site however than elves. Cast out from their homes by the Lord of Hate and his Dragon Generals, they are now a scattered people but have no qualms interacting with humans.

Lastly, a thing about magic. Almost everyone believes in magic, and likewise most of them has never seen real magic. This is a world of superstition, but true power is rare. The characters who wield magic are a special sort and sometimes caution should be taken so as not to draw attention to themselves.

Playable Races


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Empire of Hdatha

Religions of Sonnegard

Religions summary, these are just a few of the many varied religions:


Akmir (Akmon Valley
Old Elven
High Elven
Sylvan (Wood Elf)
Tribal Elven (specific to tribe)
Common (Hdathi)
Nargothil Dwarven
Oltorim Dwarven
Ostgard Dwarven
Caellach (Northman)
HobGoblin (southern orcs)
Tribal Human (specific to tribe)


Most of Sonnegard is functioning at a bronze age level. However, there are many cultures running the entire range of stone age tools up to steel. See special equipment rules


The Emerald Sea

The White Coast

Northern Continent

Southern Continent

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