Hdathem is the largest, most prosperous city in the known world. The economy is mostly trade based, and a little of everything comes through her massive port. As such the CityState has extended its influence over the years by allowing neighboring areas and towns to prosper. It has also built up a fairly sophisticated Government and Military.

Hdathem extends influence over the Empire of Hdatha which consists of most of the northern reaches of the southern continent as well as a few footholds in the north. The Lord of Hdathem, Balicar is essentially both an Emperor and a Merchant King in this respect. He controls many provinces, and enlists a professional paid military.

There are 6 primary provinces in Hdatha. Each province consists of multiple towns and has its own Tribune, the individual responsible for overseeing the day to day tasks and defense of the province. Tribunes are appointed by the Lord. In addition, every province has a Consular. The Consulars are elected or chosen by the provinces in varying fashions. In general they represent elders or wise men who travel to Hdathem to represent ‘the will of the people’, to the Lord.

In this way, Balicar has both access to diverse council as well as some measure of appeasing his people and managing morale of the empire, while still retaining a direct military chain of command through is own Tribunes.

Other aspects of note in Hdathem. There is no official religion and so long as a religion does not violate the laws of the land (such as murder), they are allowed and encouraged to practice freely.

The Library.. the great Library at Hdathem was founded by the second lord who wisely recognized that knowledge was power. Since then, various rulers have either spent a great deal of time there or not depending on their approach. Balicar currently recognizes the importance but does not spend a great deal of time there himself, he leaves this to his scholars whom are often hand picked and given a paying job to research and copy texts at the library.

By law all written materials must be confiscated upon entry to the city, this is so that the busy scribes at the library can get about the task of reproducing the manuscripts and storing them away in the library. The originals (or a very good copy) are then returned to the owners. Because the city has such a liberal policy with regards to religion, there are often many unaltered texts or scrolls previously thought to have been destroyed that resurface at the library from time to time.

Other Notes:

Huge city of trade, large military fleet as well.

Lots of commerce and rogues, politics, very diverse city. Probably the most culturally and racially diverse city in the world. Troglodytes living under city in natural cave system connected to the sewers.

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