Gunjin Wastes

Few are hardy enough to survive the Gunjin Wastes. Even the Barbarian tribes of the north prefer not to travel there. Even the southern regions of the wastes endure frigid cold temperatures, particularly at night. There is a lack of plant growth here as well so there is no available wood for fire and wildlife is in less abundance.

Neandertals and a few tribes of feral elves call this place home. Using magic and tracking the massive heards of mastodons that move through the steppes, these hardy people edge out a primitive stone age living.

The mammoths themselves feast on lichens as do a few elk in the region. Humanoids are not the only hunters in this realm however. Massive Hyena, adapted for running and taking down big prey in packs have grownup here and they prove to be vicious competition.

Fire must be made from processed animal fats and so it is extremely valuable. A tribes firekeeper is often the most guarded member of a tribe even above a chief as they will mean the difference between life and death for a tribe.

If this weren’t bad enough, nearly as the wastes end at the western edge is located The Scar. An area teeming with the last of the corruption that brought about dragons and orcs. Few ever manage to cross this region, thus Gunjin remains isolated.

Gunjin Wastes

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