Eiralon was built on the ruins of a much older elven city. The realm itself is quite small and would take a mere 2 days travel to cross.

The city itself is filled with architecture not known to men, massive perfectly whitewashed columns and marble rise up in places supporting elaborate arches and domes. This was clearly once an elven port on the mainland.

The elves themselves have not entirely abandoned this site as well. A few more adventurous or curious sylvan elves have left their homes to settle here and help the humans to restore this city.

Though a peaceful city, they are not allied with other realms. The curious union of elves and humans here have their own particular kingom and seem to enjoy some degree of sanctity.

While sylvan or elves of sylvan decent represent less than 1 tenth the population, they have begun to intermingle with humans. It became apparent that while the elves could not bear elven offspring, human/elf hybrids were entirely possible. Thus a new race of half elves were born. The half elves themselves make up about 1 fifth of the population and are in many ways the embodiment of the spirit of this realm. They are a union of elves and humans.


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