Not so much a realm as a region. Ringed by mountains to the north, west and south, this area is largely a somewhat rocky, sub arctic grassland. Ancient forests ring its borders along the mountains and one forest remains in its center, the Greenwood.

Scholars are unsure if the area was deforested in times past by an ancient kingdom or if it was simply cleared by natural events. However, the diverse flora of the open landscape has created a haven for many of the larger herd and grazing animals. Mammoth, rhino, reindeer and elk are common to the region. As are the wolves that hunt them.

Human and elf tribes living in the area are almost exclusively stone technology. While there are a few elf tribes which are nomadic hunters such as the Weylani, some of the humans have built large stone monoliths and henges and have formed basic farming and hunting communities.

In the northern reaches of Doria, dwarven settlements can sometimes be found, preparing for the day that they may retake Nargothil.


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