Alduin Valley

Nestled High in the Central Caellach mountains. The people of this valley have lived here peacefully for centuries but must frequently defend themselves from outsiders or the occasional giant or bear. Most construction is of wood with some stone rarely used for important structures. Most of the people live in round houses which are thatched which dot the shores of the lake, while the Lord himself lives in a great wooden long house which most days is open to all guests.

They enjoy some wealth as this is a common pathway to the north, barter is the norm here. Coin is accepted but mostly at face value. What it can be smelted into! The metal craftsman here are surpassed only by the High Elves and ancient dwarves.

As such, the warriors are very formidable yet confident enough to allow outsiders to come and go freely.

Massacre of Alduin Valley

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In the present year, a group of heroes having rediscovered the lost entrance into High Pass hall, inadvertently brought its host of goblins upon the Valley of Alduin.

With little time, King Falko mustered around 60 men and women to fight the small force of 150 goblins approaching the valley’s northeastern pass.

The king gambled on splitting his forces, determining that the narrow shores would provide a choke point for the incoming goblins and hoping that his infantry and archers could hold a line long enough for 15 horsemen to circle around the lake and come at the enemy from the rear.

Together with assassins who had slipped to the rear, this gamble paid off. The defenders of Alduin lost 11 warriors that day and the entire host of goblins were caught without any possible escape. Infantry before them, and calvary behind them with sheer mountains and lake to either side.

All of the goblins were slain, without any escaping to give word of defeat back to Highpass Hall. It looked as if for the first time in 6 centuries, the Highpass might be opened again.

Alduin Valley

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