“Your quest has lead you abroad but you seem to be getting nowhere, with no leads. You have found your way to a great city upon a river located in a vast desert, the likes of which you have never seen. It is hot here and the sun burns your skin but the city sits upon a mighty river and at night sometimes the breeze from the water is pleasant and the plants around it are lush and the buildings magnificent. Behold the City of Akmon!

This is a city of men and the ruler of the city is worshipped as a living god who brings life and fortune to his people. In his wisdown however, Akmet has allowed outsiders to bring trade and technology to his city and he freely hires mercenaries to compliment his army. As such, Akmon is a city in change. This civilization is still however very much sheltered from the rest of the world with a mighty wall of desert on all sides."

Akmon is divided into numerous districts, the most important of which lie on opposite ends in the North and South of the city. To the North is the King’s palace, nobles and military districts, these are separated by a massive wall from the rest of the city. In the far south are the temple districts. The temples again are surrounded by massive fortified walls.

In between are the fishing, port, trade, foreign quarter and general living districts of Akmon. Akmon is also supported by farming communities with complex irrigation systems which ferry their crops into town periodically.

Under most circumstances, a river empire would seem to flourish on trade, however the massive river here falls from the cliffs of Chuul several thousand miles downstream. This makes direct travel to sea virtually impossible.

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