D&D Notes : Part 1 The Kill

Original Email 3/11/2013

Our session begins with the party having been given lodging inside the Fortress of Valla. They investigate their quarters which are very nice and find a nice fire with an iron pot and some straw bedding.

They are summoned to dine in the king’s hall that night and Shontu enjoys some of the best barbecue he has ever had. The leg of whatever it is is very tasty and weighs nearly as much as him!.
The rest of the party go about trying to learn more about these people.

Val uses his magic to speak their language and learns from the dwarf there that there is rumored to be a secret pass by which the surviving dwarves escaped the massacre at Nargothil 500 years earlier. He also casts his tongues on a few other party members to assist them as well.

The eldest council member meets briefly with Tara to explain to her that the king is under a spell cast by Mahdrea and that she is up to no good. He offers her payment if she will do away with their ‘problem’ but warns that they must leave town afterward.

Meanwhile as the party continues, perhaps due to strong drink, Val gets up the nerve to confront the king about his Dark Elf companion. The king is of course defensive as one would be under a charm spell and they are warned it would be best to keep that opinion to themselves.

Sometime later, our adventurers retire to their quarters where Tara explains the situation with the king. The party agrees that killing mahdrea for profit will be quite satisfying and they go about the task of attempting to locate her.

Returning to the feast, they manage to discern that the king and Mahdrea have retired upstairs to his quarters. Our adventurers then walk around the great hall to discover a balcony on the second floor. Val decides on creating a distraction with some smoke and sound and the more stealthy members of the party manage to clambor up the wall (with one mishap) to the balcony above.

Meanwhile party goers are attempting to recruit Val to assist with the ‘emergency’ and so he feigns passing out and falls over in the mud. Afton more gracefully removes herself by shifting into a Raven and flies up to the balcony to observe her friends.

Fortunately for our party, Jade is an expert lockpick and manages to open one of the two doors on the balcony. However this first door appears to have been a treasure room, and for whatever reason the party is more motivated by blood than gems.

Opening the second door reveals a bed chamber where the king and the dark elf wizard lay sleeping. Alone, tara slips into the room, short sword drawn. She watches her arch enemy for several seconds and just when she exhales, Tara grabs her hair and plunges the sword into the side of her neck.

Blood sprays up as Tara slides her gushing body away from the bed so as not to rouse the king. The kill is quick and silent.

Sensing the deed as done, the group moves quickly to return to their quarters. Tara now covered in blood. A guard begins to walk across their path and thinking quickly, Afton flies into his face flapping and scratching so as to obscure his view. The bloody Tara makes it to their room unseen.



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