So here are my house rules.

Verbal components – If the spell has a verbal component.. ya gotta do it you must say the magic word! Expecto Patronum! or something

Somatic – if the spell requires a gesture… you must make the gesture.. if you dont like it.. GESTURE

MATERIAL – if the spell requires a material component.. you DO NOT NEED the material component.

HOWEVER – if you possess the material component (which I expect you to keep track of and maintain weight and everything else :) ) IF you do have it though, you will get a +2 to your casting rolls, any DC modifier for opponents to save and to damage or heal (if it is a damage or healing spell)

Casting a spell with the material component will consume those components so you must keep track of this.

Lastly, I’m going to implement spell crits for now. It shouldn’t be game changing or earthshattering, but spells that require a to-hit roll will do double damage on a 19-20 natural die roll just like with a melee attack.


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