Weapon focus and Weapon specialization feats

Melee can only choose one weapon focus and specialization. (ie, you cannot be specialized in both two-handed swords and great axes. It is one or the other) This should limit the ‘master of everything’ possibilities.

Dual wielding

I’m flat out redoing these rules because I think they are garbage. Base penalty to dual wield is -2 mainhand -4 offhand if you are without feats in this.
Ambidexterity is GONE, if you have this.. look to buy something else :)
2 weapon fighting – if you pick up this feat you are at -0 to your mainhand attacks and -2 to offhand. That is all :)

Exotic weapon proficiency

Skill Consolidations

Read lips is now rolled into Spot.
Pick pocket is now rolled into Sleight of Hand.
Innuendo is now rolled into Bluff.
Intuit direction is now rolled into Survival.
Alchemy is now a craft but only available to Bard, Sorc and Wiz.
Animal Empathy is now a Druid/Ranger feature that comes with the class.
Wilderness lore is now survival.

If you have exotic wp in a double weapon, you do not need 2 weapon fighting to gain the -0, -2 benefit WITH THAT WEAPON. If you attempt to dual wield other weapons though you will require the 2 weapon fighting feat to get the improved chances to hit.


Clarification: This feat does not allow weapon switching – regardless of whatever it said before DOES NOT allow weapon switching. This allows you to quickly draw a weapon with free hands. Note that if you were already holding a weapon, you have to find something to do with it! (ie. drop it or sheath it)

Weapon sheathing

If you must sheath a weapon during combat, the following rules apply. 1 small weapon is a free action. 2 small weapons takes the round to sheath. 1 medium weapon takes 1 round to sheath. 1 large weapon takes 2 rounds to sheath.


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