The Lost Ones

The lost ones are those elves who have been orphaned from the elven kingdoms. Many of their tribes have forgotten their once noble origins. Most of these elves are savage and primitive, the vast majority of which subsist either nomadically or as hunter/gatherers. Ever cautious of contact with humans.

Special stats
+2 to wilderness lore, change the con penalty to -1 and move the other -1 to int, you are however unfamiliar with secret doors (do not have this benefit).

High Elves

What remains of the once noble elven kingom. These high elves have withdrawn to a secretive island. They possess the greatest wealth of knowledge known to the world, and have arms and weapons which surpass even the northmen. They possess immortality and have a wealth of experience. The high elf and dark elf warriors are the most elite fighting forces known to Sonnegard.

Immortality however has a price, the elves are now reclusive. For they cannot die naturally however they can be slain.

Dark Elves

An ancient feud with their brothers drove the Dark Elves into exile millenia ago. They have since altered their appearance and worship the Lord of Hate. Every bit as proficient as High Elves, they have constructed an underground kingdom into the Cliffs of Chuul (Maelrond). From here they launch occasional attacks on unwary human caravans.

The Last War

2000 years ago there was a great war between the High elves and Dark Elves. The Dark Queen Miranda sought a weapon to ultimately defeat the high elves once and for all and lay claim to all the lands. She toiled endlessly to curse the high elves, that their kind would diminish and their numbers fade to nothing. In the end, something went wrong and she could not contain the evil.. which backfired and cursed her and her kin.

On the eve of the last battle, Shameth the High Elf King consulted an oracle. The oracle foretold that this battle would end the war between the Dark and High elf houses.

During the Battle, Shameth mortally wounded Miranda.. but as her blood covered his hands, he and his kin too were afflicted by the curse.

Since that time, each generation of both High and Dark elves have been fewer than the previous. There have been no High Elf or Dark Elf children in 100 years and so both kingdoms have withdrawn from the world, cautious to provoke to war.

It is believed that the ‘lost’ those feral tribes of elves living the rest of the world were untouched but they also no longer possess the gift of immortality.


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