Corruption of Isist

Original email date 1/30/2012

“Until then, just a refresher recap of last session:

Whilst Discussing loot in the antechamber of a tomb.. somewhere in the basements underneath the temple district of Akmon, a rogue lurks in the dark observing our party!

After some goofing off with a portable hole, the group manages to place their treasure inside except for an unknown potion which Haldir takes.

After some talk, the party decides to explore one of the caves attached to the tomb and heads off, followed cautiously by Jade the rogue. With the brave barbarian in front, the party rounds a corner into a chamber filled with old bones and carcasses. Examination doesn’t offer any clues at the nature of the creature that might have done this.

Shortly afterwards, the party hears a shuffling and clicking sound down one of the tunnels.. and so Shontu the brave leads our adventurers into the darkness to find the source. Jade, quietly finds a corner to hide herself in and observe from the rear.

Once Shontu approaches an opening.. he finds himself face to face with a monstrous scorpion intent on pinching his head off!. The scorpion’s pinchers just miss their mark and the not nearly as brave as previously Shontu flees down a side passage. Behind shontu, having seen the beast, Val also decides that discretion would be best and runs.. yelling that the others should run.

No one questions this plan of action. However, as Tara moves past a nook in the wall, the other rogue catches her eye.. to which she offers some healthy advice ‘run!’.

The Party regroups again in the tomb.. this time aware of Jade’s presence. After some discussion between Kira and Jade, it turns out that Jade has been hired by a buyer for the statue just as Kira had been. The party is now aware of a 2000 gold reward for this statue. However kira is aware that the priestess has a perfect copy and plans to sell that copy.

Jade informs the party as to which tunnel she entered and they decide to backtrack to the stairs they had previously passed. Travelling upstairs, they find a chamber with symbols on the floor which Val is able to roughly decipher. The party agrees that the believed ‘south’ exit must be the way to the temple and they take that path.

The exit leads to a winding stairwell which empties into an apparent bed chamber. The chamber is well adorned with expensive lamps and silks and Kira raids a trunk to find a substantial number of dresses.

A stairwell leads up out of the room, which Jade investigates and seems to lead to a heavily guarded rooftop pavilion. Shontu realizes that he can hear voices from outside a door way and so pulls a chain which seems to cause the stone door to slide away.

The door however is loud and slow to move.. and the party is greeted on the otherside by 5 guards and a relatively angry priestess. Combat ensues.. Val manages to fire off some magic missiles and in response, the priestess chants something and curses his aim.. blinding the sorcerer. Afton calls upon nature to aid her and a swarm of bats descends upon the guards.

Meanwhile Shontu ,leaps forth from his position past the guards and somehow manages to miss hitting the priestess entirely with his kopesh.
The two rogues move into position on either flank and begin stabbing at two of the bewildered guards, managing to score impressive backstabs leaving the guards much worse for wear. Haldir then moves from his position in the rear up to engage the wounded guards..

As the party continues to fight, Shontu presses the priestess who in the end is unable to escape his wrath.

After a close to the melee, another priestess is able to explain that she is now the successor to the slain priestess, that she disagreed with her ideals and thanks the party. Kira returns the statue to her and she allows the party to take the ‘copy’ statue as a reward, which Kira places in Jades care.

Kira explains that she will be parting with the party for now, as she would like to continue working here for the cult of Isist.

After the characters returned to Heinrik’s they are given a note from Heinrik to let them know that Sif will no longer be available to meet them at the docks but that there is still a buyer interested in the city of Hdathem.

While this is taking place, the rogues meanwhile decide to have a peak in Kira’s old room and find Sif there sitting in a chair with his throat slashed. Heinrik is not pleased and apparently left to cleanup the mess.

The next morning, the party sets out on a large vessel headed down river to the north. Their first stop is a small town called ‘Slag’.. which also happens to be Val’s city of origin. Val pays a short visit to remind himself why he gave up the life of being a mud miner which dominates Slag’s economy and/or purpose. Had his father been alive to visit, he would no doubt have reminded everyone what a disappointment it was to have a son who didn’t dig mud and who wears jewelry.

Re-embarking, the evening is uneventful and sometime the following morning the boat strikes a sandbar. While the crew works to free the ship, some of the party take to investigating a nearby shrine ruins. The ruins contain writing which Val translates for everyone.. an explanation of the Curse of the Elves. The party learns that no children have been born to the High elves and Dark elves in over a century and that their kind are likely doomed to extinction."

Temple of Life Pt II

Original email date 9/27/2011

“Temple of Life Part II

Managing to shake hold of the control of the hand, Shontu becomes worried about his actions. He decides to return to the inn to confess his case (the whole while the hand argues with him about the ‘right’ course of action).

The rest of the party returns to the inn, Tara proceeds to get drunk and heads upstairs where she encounters her long lost fiance waiting on her. He informs her that he was forced into exile but that his plan is to get close to the priestess to recover the statue that he could use it to bargain for acceptance of their ‘marriage’ back home.

Tara is suspicious of this as it doesn’t seem likely that his plan would work. He also asks her several times if she knows or can find where the statue is hidden. He leaves the inn shortly after and she returns downstairs to inform the party.

After this exchange, shontu arrives to a party that is somewhat alarmed by his presence. He puts his weapon down and explains that he is not feeling himself and the party all agree it probably has something to do with that nasty necklace of his.

The Bard suggests that if the statue has the power to heal in the well that it might prove useful in removing his curse. With this the party resolves to set out to discover the well the following morning.

Early morning, the party eats breakfast while Tara sneaks off to Raelif’s to partake of his hangover curing tea! The party groups outside and packs up their camels and heads south. Guided by Afton’s uncanny druidic sense of direction she leads them directly to the well in the desert!

The well is about 8 feet wide and lined with stones which the party is able to secure a grapple to and dangle a rope down 150 feet below. As adventurers descend, they are each greated by a demon intent on seducing them. After the first 3 party members shun her advances, she lashes out by blinding a fighter and summoning 3 flaming boars to fight for her.

The rogue manages to cause one of the mighty pillars supporting the roof of this cavern to topple onto one of the boars as Thor and Val mortally wound the demon who flees by flying straight up out of the well. Shortly after Thor and Tara make quick work of the remaining boars.

After everyone climbs down into the well, Afton, cures Shontu’s blindness with her enchanted staff and Kira collects the statue (? did this end up in the portable hole or Kira’s pack?)

The party discusses following a path of light through the pillars created by mirrors. As the discussion continues, the noon sun begins to pass and the adventurers realize that they must move quickly. As they are leaving they hear a sound from their camels above and their rope, cut and frayed drops into the well.

Following the path, they have just enough time to leave the well. Val has cast a light on his staff so that the human party members may see and they proceed down a passageway. The passage splits and they are presented with a shrine, complete with recent offerings to the goddess of fertility. Indifferent but wary, the party leaves the offerings as they are and proceed down a side passage connected to a network of caves.

Inside, they locate a former embalming chamber complete with coptic jars and one containing a rubbery object. There is a large chest, that when prodded by the rogue, comes to life and begins to club her! The chest turns out to be some kind of shapeshifting creature who upon being overpowered by the party, negotiates its escape by explaining what lies beyond the next corridor and where to find the hidden treasure!

True to the creature’s word, the party must hack its way through several zombies before reaching the wall which is said to house the treasure. The now berserk elf barbarian with one last bit of rage, charges the wall and bursts through before collapsing in plaster and mud rubble. Inside the party finds chests containing a good amount of gold and 2 gems..including a rare blue diamond, as well as a vial of liquid.

end session!"

“A major detail I forgot. Shontu touched the statue and the demon was able to take the necklace from him. He now appears to have a new ‘attitude’ about things in general :)”

Temple of Life Pt I

Original email date 9/27/2011

“Still working on the XP, bear with me!
As for the party’s status.

The Temple of Life Part I

After landing at the docks and happening upon the Priestess Isist, our party returns to Heinrik’s Inn for some much deserved rest and food. However, it isn’t long before they are up to plotting their next adventures.

Kira manages to earn back most of the expenses performing in the Tavern while Afton and Val work spells into a ring. After sometime the group comes together and partly aided by strong drink, they mostly decide they are taken aback by the Priestess’ apparent intent to sacrifice an infant. Not to diminish the fact that Tara’s Fiance was seen with the Priestess and she happens to be carrying a rather valuable statue around town!

Kira and a few others decide to make a trip to a Sage friend of hers, Raelif who is more than happy to see her. Raelif explains that the flasks they retrieved appear to contain holy water and the vial seems to contain some sort of invisibility potion. When asked about the Priestess and the statue, Raelif explains that the statue is not real but that the real statue can be found in the Well of Life which is only known to the priestess. He goes on to say that most of the statues power is illusionary unless it is on the consecrated grounds of the well.

Eager for more information he tells them of a library in disrepair inside the fortified temple district and provides them with one of the charms worn by the priestesses to gain passage.

Meanwhile, Shontu and Afton have taken up to scouting the area around the temple district looking for a possible means of entry. Shontu manages to find stacked stone blocks, concealing a passage at the base on an escarpment to the south. It isn’t long before the cursed hand of ra begins telling him to seal Afton in the cave.

The rest of the party is now approaching the Gates of the Temple district and decide it would be best if the fighter stay outside and guard equipment. Val sends his owl familiar to search the area around the district for Shontu and Afton and ties a map of their current location to it.

After gaining entry to the temple district, Kira, Tara and Afton manage to locate the dilapidated structure which houses the books and scrolls they are searching for. They manage to find a map and some scroll bearing the symbol of the priestesses. Unsure about what to do with the rest of the documents, Val smartly decides to stow them in his portable hole to return to the Sage so that they can be preserved.

Meanwhile, Afton’s owl lands near Shontu and Afton. Afton reads the map and as she does, Shontu tackles her and begins to strangle her. Confused and frightened, Afton immediately transforms into a rat and slips from Shontu’s grasp.

Before Shontu or Afton can act, Afton’s Falcon companion swoops down and grasps her from the ground. The falcon takes her to the temple walls where she safely scurries through and out the front gates.

Fortunately, Val’s owl sees the whole incident and flies back to report to Val. Val and Thor return to meet Afton at the front gates and head back toward the Inn.
The rest of the party manages to get back to Railiff’s who is extremely excited to see the enormous volume of texts to transcribe and restore.

Railif deciphers the map indicating that it points to the location of the Well of Life and a passage as well that urges those in the well to ‘follow the light’.

To be continued..

Ok, so thats just the summary of some of what you guys managed to accomplish. I’m having so much fun watching the stories unfold, I hope you guys are too. I will try to get a Part 2 out so we’re caught up and have good notes."

Return from the Tomb

Original Date 9/6/2011

Original email following initial sessions. The Dark elf warrior had been ‘bought’ out of slavery by our party who had managed to ‘lift’ a map to the location of the legendary tomb of Bodak. Having the map and some luck, they managed to find the place and plunder it for its valuables. Our barbarian comes back with a unique ‘charm’ which he believes will grant him great power.

“Ok guys, I know we’ve been on Hiatus (2 months!!). Well that’s just too long. So I’m going back to work on my campaign. I will try to be prepared to run another session by the 17th so that we can pick up Kris’ campaign spot in the meantime :)

With all of that said, I still owe everyone experience points for the last session. And If possible, some updated maps.

Everyone will be starting the next session at level 5! So be sure to update your character sheets and get the updated copies back to me!

Having slain the terrifying Bodak, the elf barbarian is now sporting a new shriveled hand necklace and seems to be going through some minor mood swings. (can anyone really tell??)

After a relatively uneventful return journey, we left our adventurers stepping off the great docks at Akmon. Where they were witness to the return of a living Goddess to the city (the Avatar of Fertility) and her entourage which included a certain drow. She also appeared to be carrying a rather valuable and iconic statuette of interest to the Bard for its religious significance."

Session1: Introduction

Original Date 06/08/2011

Ok, to help you round out some things..

Character Starting Area:

Your quest has lead you abroad but you seem to be getting nowhere, with no leads. You have found your way to a great city upon a river located in a vast desert, the likes of which you have never seen. It is hot here and the sun burns your skin but the city sits upon a mighty river and at night sometimes the breeze from the water is pleasant and the plants around it are lush and the buildings magnificent. Behold the City of Akmon!

This is a city of men and the ruler of the city is worshipped as a living god who brings life and fortune to his people. In his wisdown however, Akmet has allowed outsiders to bring trade and technology to his city and he freely hires mercenaries to compliment his army. As such, Akmon is a city in change. This civilization is still however very much sheltered from the rest of the world with a mighty wall of desert on all sides.

Background on Elves & Demi Humans:

Ok so this world is a world of HUMANS. If you are a demihuman that makes you pretty special! If you are a human, that means you won’t have any problems traveling or being seen (mostly).

Where elves are concerned:
The elves are made up of 3 kingdoms. Each of these 3 kingdoms is ruled by a secret hidden City State. There are the Dark elves (drow) who live somewhere underground :). There are the High Elves who’s kingdom is said to surpass the glory of any other. And lastly there are the Wood Elves who also have their own hideaway Treehouse :).

All of the 3 elven kingdoms are sworn to secrecy. So much so that it is said that elves who might betray this secret have suffered a range of fates from a curse that prevents them from remembering to death.

For the most part the 3 elven kingdoms generally don’t get along or at least don’t agree on things. The Drow tend to be a wicked bunch, the wood elves although generally good consider themselves to be wardens of the world and little more rustic and inclined to getting their hands dirty. While the High Elves generally look down upon the uneducated, undereducated and ‘uncivilized’.

There are also other elves, elves who never assimilated or simply left the fold of the other nations. In most cases these are wild elves, feral and barbarian like in nature. Their tribes are smaller but they are scattered across the world. Some of the outcasts are more civilized than others and there are a wide variety but generally like all demi humans they don’t live near humans (with the exception of half elves).

Ok so I dont have the background on all the demihumans yet.. but its a start.


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