Balicar Marekan

Ruler of Hdatha


The Current Lord of Hdathem. Balicar rules over the 6 provinces of Hdatha from its capital. At 37 he is older than many other rulers but not quite gray and not so old that he cannot fight should the need arise.

Hdatha is however, a relatively peaceful kingdom with the exception of frontier provinces like Alliseum.

Balicar stands about 5’8" and has a small but sturdy frame. His hair and beard are dark and his eyes are blue. He does not enjoy so much time at the library as did his father and it has fallen into somewhat disarray although he still employs some clerks there. He has built a strong navy which has discouraged all form of piracy around Hdathem and he employs a spy network of rogues throughout the empire to keep tabs on things that wouldn’t normally come to his attention.

In the absence of The Wizard of Hdathem who was slain during his father’s reign, it is this network that helps him to manage his empire. Though he consults with rogues he is generally a good a just ruler and his intent is to better the livelihood of his people who he recognizes could choose to unseat him.

Balicar Marekan

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