The Dulandir King

Original Email Date 2/27/2012

“After killing and chasing off the dark elves, the party decides to get some sleep. Monkeys awake the party in the middle of the night, to get some quiet Shontu climbs a tree and tosses a monkey onto the fire. Monkeys leave.

At dawn, party has monkey barbecue. Party heads down the tunnel. Shontu leads. Shontu realizes monkey barbecue disagrees with him and comes running back up stairs. Haldir sees this and follows. Later Haldir wishes he hadn’t.

Shontu rejoins the party and they continue their descent. Carvings on the wall indicate this place was made by people. :) Party continues down one tunnel, find rooms with dead dark elves and a few dead humans. Jade decides to loot a corpse and trips a snare. A net grabs her and hurls her up out of the room through a collapsed hole in the roof to the trees in the jungle above. Fortunately jade is able to escape as the rope has rotted and tears, sending her falling back from the tree tops down into the hole and the dungeon below. Jade says ‘its allright.. i’m ok’.

Party continues and finds another big room with beds and tables and dead elves and a couple of dead people. ‘What just grabbed my leg!’ Jade and Haldir are both grabbed by 2 human corpses.

Haldir cries and runs back out of the dungeon. The rest of the party manages to kill what appear to be 2 zombies.. Jade complains that the one grabbing her did something and her leg hurts. Jade has an icky worm in her leg. Afton zaps it with staff and Jade is happy.

Meanwhile Val is very concerned for Haldir. Val and the others run back to find him. Party finds more dark elves instead! They give Val some free masterwork arrows. Shontu charges. The rogues catchup and they begin cutting down the archers.

Behind archers, the barbarian and rogues can see Haldir being tied up. There is also some type of evil bitch there too. As her minions fall she begins to make good her escape with Haldir. Afton won’t have it and tree roots reach into the room and begin grabbing everyone.

Bitch turns to gaseous bitch form and floats away. Now party and two elves are all trapped in tree roots. Afton is sad. Worm is eating haldir’s brain. Haldir is scared and dumb now.

Afton can’t reach Haldir to cure his dumb. Afton ‘wakes’ a tree through the root and the tree begins trying to push the other branches back. At last the party is free and the room collapses.

Afton cures haldir and makes him a little less dumb. Haldir is happy and less dumb. Party goes back to investigate other room. Jade disarms a trap by jamming something in it and then opens a chest. Jade finds a nice black leather tunic inside.

Party gets out of the hole and decides to look for other entrances. They find a few.

Rest for the night, get up.. Haldir is purple now and less wise. Afton cures him again. Haldir is a healthy blue again and no less wise. Party goes down first hole. Shontu in front. Shontu discovers that Honey Badgers are mean and they just don’t care.

Party decides to try another hole. Party enters large chamber its pretty with plants and stuff and big statues of prehistoric celebrities. Slimey skeleton attacks party.

It paralyzes Afton with its tongue. EWWW. Val casts ray of enfeeblement. Skeleton hits like a noodley armed choir boy and party beats it down. Giant centipede begins to consider making a meal of Afton as the party begins to search for loot.

Party finds loot, someone squishes centipede getting some juice on Afton. Afton is displeased.

The loot is cool and there is much rejoicing. Val takes the crown from a dead kings head because Val wears jewelry and stuff. It also makes him look cool, everyone agrees.
Haldir sees his shiny mail and begins stripping the corpse. Party gets lots of cool weapons and look pretty nice now, the king’s body is discarded."



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