Hdathem Pre Session Notes

Original email date 3/6/2012

“The market past the docks on Hdathem is very impressive and it is difficult to resist the urge to spend! The rogues discover that there seem to be no apparent ‘buyers’ waiting here for them. A few individuals take interest in the statue but no serious offers. Most only offer a few gold.

After asking around, the party has located a suitable tavern in the dense city of Hdathem. ‘The Badger’s Den’! The Den has pretty much everything an adventurer could need. Discretion, private booths, assortment of alcohol and hookahs, gambling, entertainment and rooms.

The party will need to pay 1 gold per night for a small room, which Val does put down the coin for at least one room. Meanwhile the rogues come back downstairs to checkout the local personalities in the tavern, the innkeeper indicates to them that there is someone there who said they wanted to talk to them about a statue…

Upstairs, Val goes about the process of tallying up the gear and figuring out what is what in the privacy of the room. As his portable hole is deployed, to the shock and horror of everyone.. it doesn’t open.

It appears to simply be a wide 6 foot section of cloth with two noticeable tears in the center."



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