D&D Session Notes: Guardian of the North Gate

Original Email Date 3/25/2013

Our party sleeps through the night keeping watches on the camp fires of ‘presumably’ orcs and goblins below. As dawn breaks they are glad for the sun, as the night without fire was cold and they had to sleep against Afton as a bear to keep warm.

After everyone eats rations that morning, Afton assumes the form of a large raven and takes to flight around the vale. She notices many camps of goblins near the northern ends, and as she comes closer to the south, comes up on a host of some humans. Some of the humans are in cages, and others wander free with weapons, side by side with some other beings, larger and stronger than orcs but apparently unhindered by daylight. Half orcs.

She flies around the gate houses, seeing smashed gates but there are goblin guards on the walls of the south and west gates and crude barricades. She then spots a huge cavern high up in the mountainside. There are many carcasses about the cave entrance, and she and the other ravens are shooed away by the buffet of a dragon’s wings. A wyvern, like the one that attacked them before comes to land here.

As she returns to the northern side, she notices that the gate here is unguarded, but for a small goblin camp in the ravine under what was once perhaps a drawbridge. She watches and realizes that the chief sends 3 of his goblins off to gather food.

The party stealthily makes their way from high ground between the large glacial boulders that have come to rest here. Till eventually reaching the ravine. The plan, Afton stands watch above and the rest of the party moves around to enter the pass and attack from the rear of a tent.

Val becomes invisible and makes windy sounds, while his more physical companions charge into the largest tent and unleash and onslaught. In a few seconds more than a dozen goblins lay massacred at the hands of the 3 warriors. Even as 7 more come to the tent to see the commotion, they are felled and cut down as they turn to run. Afton signals the return of the ‘food run’ goblins, who return dragging a humanoid leg.

The party awaits for them in the main tent, and the goblins lives are ended abruptly.

Jade goes about the process of searching for anything of worth, and does find a buried box under the leader’s sleeping area. It contains several copper coins.

Afton regroups with the party below.

Seeing that the former bridge is no longer there, the party opts to attempt to climb the massive former drawbridge chains from the canyon below. Each chain link is impossibly large, larger than a man. As such, it is difficult to get footing for the small elves, however the barbarian manages to scamper up with a rope. At the top he can see a gate and a few skeletons outside, peering inside he sees another open gate across a bridge and a large empty chamber. Also filled with skeletons in varying states of decay.. a large gray giant figure appears slumped against the far gate.

Shontu then ties off a rope to the chain and lowers it for the rest of the party to climb up with. Val gives the climb his best effort, but it does result in a deal of mishap and injury to himself and Shontu as he is finally able to crest the top. The rogues manage without great event and Afton transforms into a venomous snake and scales the chains.

Once above, the rogues peak inside to recon the bridge. They see the room was defensive, with a pit with no bottom in sight and access from the gate wall and walls and balconies all around to rain arrows on would be attackers. The Bridge is littered with the dead, the large dead thing is at least troll-sized, and he has two massive flails at either side of his lifeless hands. His eyes have been sewn shut. The rogues find this odd.

Jade takes up position on the back wall, behind where the gray thing has its back propped to the open gate. Tara returns to the party, informing them that it appears clear but there are dead everywhere.

The party enters the room cautiously. Everything appears fine, this place is quiet.

The party proceeds onto the bridge.. as they continue about half way onto the bridge they hear a massive groaning creak from behind them. The light from the crack of the door narrows leaving only the light from over the wall behind.. and then ‘BOOM’ as the gates close behind them.

The gray lifeless hulk reaches and grasps his flails..moving to his feet he orders his minions ‘RISE’.

Skeletons around the room come to life immediately attacking the party with whatever they have.

For a moment things look very good for the party, they are able to smash the skeletons with ease, and Afton, as a snake has avoided their interest. Afton slithers off to one side, becomes human again and then taps her cudgel to the ground.. plants spring up and the ground becomes blessed by the druid. Instantly, most of the skeletons fall apart and fall back to the ground.

As if in response, the Deathbringer lets out a roar.. and darkness washes over everything in a wave.. healing skeletons and harming the living.

He then charges at Shontu.

Shontu in a full rage, engages this creature with all his might. But even shontu’s wrath seems to diminish in the wake of the Deathbringer. Val summons an Archon from beyond.. a mighty dogheaded warrior to fight for him. His warrior is unable to best this foe.

The rogues move in to stab at it, but the massive undead being seems to shrug off wounds that would injure or kill a normal being. Many of their ‘misses’ simply are stabs landed that would otherwise be fatal but ‘chuck’ into the flesh without any seeming effect.

Val’s minion and the rogues sweep up the last of the skeletons as Val attempts to cripple the creature.. his powers of necromancy seem to hold no sway over the creature.

The beast lets out another shockwave as everyone puts everything they have into it.. each party member landing at least one blow, and val firing magic missiles. The Death bringer raises his flails one last time and begins to rush in to force the party off the bridge, when Afton reaches out and imbues it with her healing magic. The deathbringer has been bested.



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