D&D Notes Part 2 : Cast Out

Original email date 3/11/2013

After a satisfying murder, our adventurers decide that sleep would be a good thing and they take a nice long nap in their room.

Morning arrives to the sound of knocking on the door. The king’s cousin is there and there are many guards that appear displeased. They carry shackles although they agree not to shackle the party if they will go along.

They are taken to a pit dungeon and made to stay there till mid day.

Eventually they are removed and brought to the hall before a grieving king. Val tries valiantly to interrupt the king to prove the party’s innocence but this does not seem to work in their favor. No one else can seem to understand what is being said.

Eventually the council casts stones to vote. 2 members find them not guilty, the old man and the dwarf. When asked for the manner in which they choose to die, Val requests that they be set free to go to Nargothil.

This is refused and the council agree that the best method would be to bury them to their necks and then trample their heads with horses.

Guards begin to wrestle shontu to the ground who is now struggling and realizes this situation must be bad as val tells them they are going to die. Quickly, val casts one last spell.. and dispels the magic placed upon the king.

As if stepping out of a haze, he wonders if he has misjudged the party. His friend, the eldest council member confesses to being involved in the plot and explains his reasons.

Still angry the king grants them their lives but declares them banished from Valla.

The party gather their things and manage to visit the forge where their armor was repaired. Here the payment was left them in the form of a large red gem.

Leaving Valla, the adventurers decide to travel upriver. They travel a distance till they encounter one of the tributary streams feeding this river. Remembering that the secret pass was part of a cave stream, and that the river must be running out soon from the map, Val chances that this will get them close.

So the party turns and follows the stream for many days. One night they are interrupted in their sleep by a huge wild man (yeti) which crashes into the tent but is soon overcome by our heroes’ martial prowess.

Later that night, the dire wolves feast on Yeti entrails a short distance from the camp.

Within another day, the party arrives high up the mountainside at a cave from which the spring flows. Entering the cave, they notice a primitive painting on one wall but think little of it.

A short ways in, they are stopped in the dark by multiple figures holding torches and spears. They seem to want the party to leave. Val cast tongues again and begins speaking to them with a strange clicking tongue. He learns that these people are afraid of them and that they have seen hardship. This is their home and they want them to leave.

Val agrees but explains that they are powerful and are fated to pass through here. The party can see them better now as large brutish looking men (neanderthals). The shaman sees them and takes them to the back of a cave where they can see dwarven carvings of men and dwarves, some of which look like the party (given their equipment). He explains this must be the passage they refer to.

To show thanks, afton asks to bless them and is taken to a beautiful pair of caves with open skylights covered in ferns and forest growth. She makes the ground holy and the people sense this and are thankful.

The party leaves their strange slope browed friends and continue down the dwarven pass.. a more proper tunnel now. Eventually coming out in the dark of night. The tunnel high up, is concealed by rocks as well as a small stair case nearbye.

Behold the Vale of Nargothil.

From here they can see the backside of the mountain, and the stone remnants where once a bridge stood to the rear gates. Much of the valley below is lit with fires, no doubt cooking men or building weapons of war. They decide to make camp under the cover of the hidden cave for the night and plan their entry tomorrow.



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