D&D Notes 3/1 Part 1 Shores of Mordune

Original Notes posted 3/4/2013

Ok notes! I plan on checking experience again before next session as you guys have done alot although I’m not sure I’m ready for you to be level 10!

After having incinerated several goblins in the middle of night on the shores of lake Mordune, the party slept uneasily knowing that a few had managed to escape and that the barge full of orcs had no doubt seen the flames from the lake.

Shontu arrived early around the campfire with a pair of arctic hares for breakfast. By the time the party had finished, the snow was so heavy that it was nearing blizzard conditions. The wild elves seemed more accustomed to these conditions but the rest of the party began to succumb to the extreme cold. Frequent stops were necessary with fire to keep them going.

Val soon found it necessary to make a pair of mittens from the morning’s breakfast kill. Afton looks up and decides that in a day this should let up and the temperatures will rise.

The evening passes uneventfully and the party is able to restore themselves with a nice warm fire.

The next day seems clearer and the party continues their travel eastward around the lake. There is a mixture of snow, spring ferns and old leaves on the ground and the most of the party, save afton does not notice the disembodied, snow covered head which has been strapped to a tree.

As Afton alerts the party, they become more aware of their surroundings and begin to spread out. Shontu, investigating a low lying area finds himself victim of a natural and improvised pitfall which was covered with branches and concealed by leaves and snow. The crevasse appeared to be a natural washout from a spring but the sharpened stakes at the bottom proved it to be an intentional trap.

As the two rogues moved in to secure a rope and lower it for the barbarian, the ever alert Afton now notices that they are in fact being surrounded by goblin hunters. Thinking quickly.. sort of, Afton casts a pillar of flame on the group closest to her. The goblin archers return fire.

As the rogues had their backs to the situation, tending the hole and being in the low point they are struck with a few arrows but not seriously hurt. Shontu meanwhile has no idea that a rope has been lowered and has gone to investigate the other end of the crevasse which appears to have been walled off with wooden posts.

Meanwhile Afton enlarges her cat and sends it after goblins approaching with their swords drawn. Val facing the opposite side, summons a massive wall of flame that incinerates the majority of the goblins as the two rogues charge uphill at a few still loosing arrows near them. The rogues quickly fell them and the remaining goblins which turn to run.

Shontu has crawled back out of the hole and sees fire and death and then crawls back down. Moves toward the wall, axe in hand and proceeds to chop it down. He is joined by the rogues on the other side who then continue further south over the next rise and are overpowered by the stench of a goblin village being abandoned by the last few remaining goblins.

Afton manages to summon a small downpour and at least put out some of the trees which are now burning. Hopefully the dampness will manage to stop the spread of the other trees which also have some limbs burning as well.

The good news is that the goblins had dry firewood and kindling of which, the party is now out of. This will last them a few more days.



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