D&D : A King's Share

Original email date 8/26/2013

High atop Nargothil, Afton calls on the spirits to aid her companions. Her prayers are heard and the adventurers shift into mighty eagles and take flight to leave this place.

As they circle above Nargothil they spy an enormous black dragon take flight across the vale toward the south east face of the mountain. His Scales are an onyx black but barely glisten with a deep red in the morning sunlight. His wingspread the length of two warships and his maw large enough to swallow a mammoth. He returns to his lair, and from atop the cave he lets a mighty roar and then blasts at the air a cloud of super heated flame that melts the snow around and sends a few goblins reeling off the mountain.. their bodies incinerated before falling.

Our adventurers can fly in any direction.. to the east lies Valla which they could reach.. the far south, the edge of the greenwood. The west, they have not yet explored :)



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